Welcome to the Berning Printing Blog

It brings me great pleasure to be compiling the inaugural blog post in what I really hope turns in to a means for all of Berning Printing’s customers, friends (physical and on Facebook), and followers (physical and on Twitter) to have an insight in to who we are as a company and how we are UNIQUE from “everybody else out there.”

One who reads and frequents this blog should expect on a weekly basis to come across posts ranging from fun historical facts about our 128 year-old legacy in the Cincinnati Tri-State area, to educational tidbits, to interesting anecdotes about what goes on “behind the scenes here” at JBP, to informative and ground-breaking news going on in the wonderful and always changing world of printing and design and how it benefits and affects YOU.

As the representative of the FIFTH generation of Joseph Berning Printing, I am so overly excited to launch our new, interactive website to the World Wide Web, but personally want to give you the readers what you want to hear. Please feel free to email me at Michael@josberningprinting.com with suggestions for future posts and I will be glad to conjure up something interesting.

Until next time, be sure to “follow” us on Twitter and become a “fan” of us on Facebook to be most up-to-date with the newest blog posts as I will alert directly on there as soon as they are freshly posted to blog. THANKS!

-Michael Berning Jr.